Hello, and welcome to Suly’s Kitchen!

This website was created as a place for my wife (Suly) and I (Christian) to organize, store and share all of the great recipes we’ve collected and enjoyed through the years with our friends, family and anyone else who happens to find their way here. Neither of us are particularly accomplished cooks, so we rely heavily on the expertise of others, and always favor easier recipes over difficult ones. While few of the recipes you find on this site are our own, we might sneak in a family favorite here and there.

We find that there are so many good restaurants, websites, and independent bloggers out there that we don’t really need to be experts ourselves! But, like everyone, we do enjoy great food, and in recent years ,we’ve made a focused effort to eat healthier. Not every recipe on this website is considered a healthy meal, the vast majority are. Some we just like so much we had to include them too!

We also believe in giving credit where credit is due, so we’ve done our best to make sure we recognize and acknowledge the recipe author, the website we discovered it on and provide a link to the original recipe for anyone that wants to see. We do modify some of the recipe’s to our own preferences, so we do encourage anyone that finds our site to start with the original and modify it to your own tastes.

We’ll continue to add more recipes, restaurant links, blog references, etc. as we discover them, so if you’ve found your way here by happenstance, please don’t forget to bookmark us and check back later.

And as always, we welcome your comments and / or suggestions!